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2021-11-29: News Headlines

José Manuel Blanco Diaz (2021-11-29). Second Phase of Citizen Verification Audit Confirms Accuracy of 21N Elections. orinocotribune.com Auditors from political parties alongside technical personnel from Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE), external advisers, and assistants analyzed a sample of 206 polling stations from the election day on November 21, which is proportionally representative of the entire country. | According to the press release of the electoral body, on Friday, November 26, the Citizen Verification Audit Phase 2 was carried out in the facilities of Warehouse Number 3 of the Electoral Power in Filas de Mariche, Miranda state. The sample, using the boxes in which voting receipts and other materials are stored, was audited…

Zahra Mirzafarjouyan (2021-11-29). Deal 'possible' if other parties demonstrate political will. en.mehrnews.com Stating that Iran will not accept requests beyond the JCPOA, the Iranian Foreign Minister said that the deal is possible if other parties demonstrate political will in practice.

Kamal Iranidoost (2021-11-29). Russia remains cautiously optimistic ahead of Vienna talks. en.mehrnews.com Russian representative at the Vienna talks Mikhail Ulyanov has said that Moscow is cautiously optimistic ahead of today's Vienna talks, adding no reasonable and acceptable alternative to a successful conclusion of the talks.

Morteza Ahmadi Al Hashem (2021-11-29). Iran lashes out at US economic terrorism on developing states. en.mehrnews.com Criticizing US economic terrorism on developing states, Deputy Speaker of Iran Parliament said that continued use of unilateral coercive actions, such as economic terrorism on developing countries, is a serious concern.

Kamal Iranidoost (2021-11-29). Negotiations between Iran, P4+1 in Vienna kick off. en.mehrnews.com The Vienna talks on the removal of sanctions against Iran have started in the Austrian capital on Monday.

Zahra Mirzafarjouyan (2021-11-29). Iran to enter talks with 'serious will' for sanction removal. en.mehrnews.com Iranian top negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani announced the country's "serious will and strong preparation" on the eve of talks that are aimed at examining the prospect of the removal of the US sanctions against Iran.

Manlio Dinucci (2021-11-28). America's New Nuclear Bomb Is Ready: The B61-12 has a Nuclear Warhead with 4 "Selectable Power Options" globalresearch.ca First published on December 3, 2020 A video was released on November 23 2020 by Sandia National Laboratories that shows a US F-35A fighter flying at supersonic speed 3000 meters above sea level, launching a B61-12 nuclear bomb (non-nuclear …

sputniknews (2021-11-28). NYT: Israel Was Behind Cyber Attack on Iran's Fuel System in October. sputniknews.com Iran and its arch-foes the US and Israel have regularly accused each other of cyber attacks since 2010, when the Islamic Republic's nuclear programme was hit by the Stuxnet computer virus.

sputniknews (2021-11-28). Iranian Nuclear Chief: Israel Should Check Its Capabilities Before Threatening to Attack Tehran. sputniknews.com Last month, the Israeli media reported that the Jewish state's government had approved a budget of 5 billion shekels (about $1.5 billion) to prepare for a possible attack against Iran's nuclear facilities.

Juan Cole (2021-11-28). As Climate Emergency Shakes Iran, Government Attacks, arrests Water Protesters at Isfahan. zcomm.org After two weeks of protests by thousands of farmers in the dry riverbed of the historic Zayandeh Rud river in Isfahan, the police have struck back…

TASS (2021-11-28). Russia expects AUKUS participants to ditch nuclear sub project — diplomat. tass.com Due to the AUKUS pact, Canberra severed its largest-ever defense contract with France worth over 50 billion euro for the delivery of submarines…

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