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2021-09-19: News Headlines

sputniknews (2021-09-19). Australia May Rent or Buy Nuclear Subs From US, UK Until Its Own Fleet is Built Under AUKUS Deal. sputniknews.com Australia announced its new security alliance with the US and the UK, called AUKUS, on Wednesday, which would allow the country to acquire a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines. France, which found itself pushed out of a $66 billion defence contract with Canberra, branded the agreement "a stab in the back".

Revolution Books (2021-09-19). Saturday 9/25: Heroism for Our Times-Free Iran's Political Prisoners NOW: An Afternoon of Solidarity. indybay.org Revolution Books, 2444 Durant Ave. Berkeley CA 94704…

sputniknews (2021-09-19). As US Prepares to Leave Iraq, Ex-Advisor to Iraqi President Says Kurds Need Reliable Partners. sputniknews.com Washington has a proven track record failing its allies, says a former Kurdish official, whereas such countries as Iran and Russia are known for standing by their partners and fighting for them until the end.

sputniknews (2021-09-18). China May Direct Its Nuclear Missiles Towards Australia as AUKUS 'Serves US' Demands' – Report. sputniknews.com Earlier in this week, China criticized the recently-announced military alliance between Australia, the US and the UK (AUKUS), expected to provide Canberra with technologies to facilitate the construction of nuclear-powered attack submarines.

Pip Hinman (2021-09-18). Oppose Morrison's new anti-China alliance. greenleft.org.au The new war alliance — AUKUS — formalises Australia's hostile positioning toward China. It also hands the pro-nuclear lobby a new angle, writes Pip Hinman.

_____ (2021-09-18). Hezbollah-Brokered Iranian Fuel Arrives In Crisis-Hit Lebanon. popularresistance.org Beirut, Lebanon — The first of several truck convoys carrying Iranian fuel has arrived in Lebanon from Syria, a Hezbollah spokesperson told Al Jazeera — a shipment intended to help ease crippling fuel shortages amid a dire economic crisis. | The first shipments of the fuel, carried by two convoys totalling 40 trucks according to Hezbollah's Al Manar television channel, arrived in Lebanon on Thursday. | The fuel delivery has been portrayed by the Iran-linked Lebanese group as a huge boost to the cash-strapped country. However, the shipments violate United States sanctions imposed on Iranian oil sales a…

Anonymous007 (2021-09-18). Military Situation In Syria On September 18, 2021 (Map Update). southfront.org Click to see full-size image | On September 17, Russia reported that Idlib militants violated the ceasefire regime in Greater Idlib 29 times: 14 — in Idlib province, 8 — in Latakia province, 3 — in Hama province, 4 — in Aleppo province | On September 17, the second batch of tankers carrying Iranian fuel on behalf of Hezbollah crossed the Syrian-Lebanese border | On September 17, a car explosion was reported in the city of al-Bab | On September 17, two civilians reportedly we…

Dave DeCamp (2021-09-18). US Imposes More Iran-Related Sanctions. news.antiwar.com The US imposed a fresh round of Iran-related sanctions on Friday, The US Treasury Department claims these companies and individuals It's not clear if the trading involved oil, b…

Press TV (2021-09-18). Iran: New Member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. dissidentvoice.org On 17 September 2021 Iran became a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). It is an extraordinary achievement and new beginning for US and western sanction-badgered Iran. On the occasion PressTV interviewed Peter Koenig on what this move might bring for Iran. See the transcript below. PressTV: Iran is finally a member of …

sputniknews (2021-09-18). The Last Time the US Gave an Ally Nuclear Technology, France Tried to Quit NATO. sputniknews.com On Friday, France cried foul after being left out of a new trilateral defense pact between the US, UK and Australia, resulting in Canberra cancelling a deal to buy French submarines in favor of nuclear-powered subs sold by Washington. But this isn't the first showdown between France and its allies over nuclear weapons.

_____ (2021-09-18). Biden's Nuclear Weapons Commitments: Dangerous Continuities. commondreams.org The primary cause of the worsening situation is not the combustion of fossil fuels, but the massive political dereliction that has allowed the bonfire to go on after we knew that it posed a potentially lethal threat to humankind.

WSWS (2021-09-18). US military basing to expand in Australia, directed against China. wsws.org The Washington communiqué commits Australia to hosting US troops, bombers, fighter aircraft and warships and acting as a logistics base for a military conflagration between nuclear-armed powers.

_____ (2021-09-18). Ahead of Canadian Election, Bernie Sanders and Rashida Tlaib Endorse NDP. commondreams.org Tragically, despite widespread high hopes for change, in the existential realm of potentially omnicidal nuclear war preparations, the Biden administration has signaled more continuity than change.

Staff (2021-09-18). The magic and allure of Persian poetry. en.mehrnews.com Today is the National Day of Persian Poetry and a good opportunity to learn more about some of the greatest Persian poets with their lasting influence on the Persian language and rising popularity across the world.

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