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2021-09-11: News Headlines

sputniknews (2021-09-11). Lebanon's Hezbollah Says Iranian Fuel Shipments Proves Ability to 'Confront US Siege'. sputniknews.com The first vessel containing Iranian fuel bound for Lebanon reportedly entered Syrian waters last week, with sources telling news agencies that the fuel would be delivered to Syria's northern neighbour via tanker trucks. At least two additional Iranian tankers are expected to delivery energy supplies to the crisis-hit country in the coming months.

sputniknews (2021-09-11). US May Include Israel and Gulf State Allies in Its New Drone-based Task Force, Iranian Media Says. sputniknews.com On Wednesday, the US Navy's 5th Fleet unveiled plans to create a new task force headquartered in Bahrain. The force expected to be equipped with the latest US airborne, waterborne and underwater military drone technology.

Anonymous103 (2021-09-11). Number Of Russian "Black Hole" Submarines Deployed In Mediterranean Sea Reached New Record. southfront.org Illustrative Image | The number of non-nuclear submarines of the Russia has deployed five submarines in the Mediterranean Sea, known as "black holes" and serving as carriers of Kalibr cruise missiles."Currently, there are five Kalibr-PL cruise mis…

Eve Ottenberg (2021-09-10). Biden Was Right to Leave Afghanistan, But Sanctions are for Sore Losers. counterpunch.org Afghanistan now joins a very big club, including Venezuela, Cuba, Iran and others, of those the U.S. aims to starve into regime change. How's that going? Well might you ask. It appears to be utterly ineffective at anything aside from tormenting ordinary people. In the face of sanctions, leaders clutch at power more ferociously than ever, because they see themselves endangered, while cancer patients can't buy chemo. In short, these sanctions will break Afghanistan financially, probably cause famine and will doubtless engender huge emigration, while serving no purpose besides random cruelty, because sanctions are w…

Kamal Iranidoost (2021-09-10). War crimes in Afghanistan should not go unpunished. en.mehrnews.com Iran UN envoy says that war crimes committed by foreign forces in Afghanistan should not go unpunished, adding that Iran will not recognize any government that take power by force.

Zahra Mirzafarjouyan (2021-09-10). Russia not to accept any change in JCPOA: Lavrov. en.mehrnews.com Addressing his Iranian counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow, like Tehran, does not accept any change in the JCPOA and demands full implementation of the agreement.

Rick Rozoff (2021-09-10). U.S. embassy, Pentagon, EU, NATO: Azerbaijan to knock Russia, Iran out of European, Asian energy markets. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com Advanced regional energy security symposium wraps up The Closing ceremony of the Advanced Regional Energy Security Symposium 2021 — Caucasus was held on September 10 by the Center of Excellence in EU Studies at ADA University in partnership with the NATO Energy Security Center of Excellence, the Naval Postgraduate School, BP Azerbaijan, and State Oil …

Mark Muhich (2021-09-10). Biden Nuclear Posture Review Must Examine Ballistic Missile Defense. counterpunch.org The Biden Administration begins its Nuclear Posture Review amidst growing threats of nuclear weapons conflict, described by many experts as more dangerous than the Cold War. The U.S. Department of Energy current budget for nuclear weapons is already double it Cold War budget. The NPR will lay out the course for future expansion of the

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