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2021-02-09: News Headlines

Alan MacLeod (2021-02-09). Facebook hires ex-NATO press officer and social media censor Ben Nimmo as intel strategist. thegrayzone.com Nimmo has previously worked for NATO and the Integrity Initiative, a covert UK govt troll farm. His move to Facebook suggests more censorship on the way for anti-establishment voices. This report was originally published by Mint Press News. Ben Nimmo, a former NATO press officer and current senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, has announced Facebook has hired him to "lead global threat intelligence strategy against influence operations" and "emerging threats." Nimmo specifically named Russia, Iran and China as potential dangers to the …

Phyllis Bennis (2021-02-09). Where is Biden's Foreign Policy Headed? zcomm.org Biden has appointed many old guard interventionists and new Cold Warriors, but there is some hope for a better Iran policy. Watch out for attempts by Israel to scuttle the nuclear deal…

_____ (2021-02-09). How Rational Can The US Be In Dealing With Yemen And Iran? popularresistance.org This announcement does not augur peace in Yemen any time soon. Rather it looks a bit like political mystification that some have chosen to celebrate now, regardless of what it actually means, apparently in hope of making it a meaningful, self-fulfilling prophecy some time in the future. This does not seem likely, given what Biden actually said, but we shall see. | For the foreseeable future, Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, will remain the victim of a Saudi war of aggression and Saudi war crimes. Since March 2015, with the full support of the Obama administration, Saudi Arabia and its allies have tu…

Staff (2021-02-09). Between a Heating Globe and a Nuclear Conflagration, Can Biden Meet the Urgency? truthout.org If you live in California, you're likely to be consumed on occasion by thoughts of fire. That's not surprising, given that, in last year alone, actual fires

Liberation Staff (2021-02-09). Asheville, NC, locals reject Raytheon's blood money jobs. liberationnews.org Although the protest was primarily focused on nuclear proliferation, these recent demonstrations spearheaded by Veterans for Peace, are part of a larger movement in opposition to Raytheon's plans to bring a plant to Asheville.

MEE and agencies (2021-02-09). Iran begins Covid-19 vaccination campaign, says state media. middleeasteye.net Iran begins Covid-19 vaccination campaign, says state media | Last week the health ministry announced it bought two million doses of Russia's Sputnik V vaccine | Tue, 02/09/2021 – 07: 24 | A member of staff holds a vial of the Iranian-made "Razi Cov Pars" coronavirus vaccine during an unveiling ceremony at the Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute in the city of Karaj in the northern A…

Online News Editor (2021-02-09). Start of Sputnik V vaccination campaign brings hope to Iran. laprensalatina.com Tehran, Feb 9 (efe-epa).- Iran on Tuesday started the immunization program against Covid-19 using the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine in what was a major step toward containing a pandemic that has hit the country hard with more than 1.4 million cases and 58,000 deaths reported so far. This long-awaited step took place before a large …

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Iranian Parl. speaker visiting Russia's State Duma. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — In the course of second day of his visit to the Russian Federation, Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf attended the State Duma of Russian Federation on Mon. and held talks with his Russian counterpart.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Permanent exhibition of Iran nuclear achievements in Qazvin. en.mehrnews.com QAZVIN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — The second permanent exhibition of the achievements of Iran's nuclear industry was inaugurated in the presence of Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization, and some officials in Qazvin on Monday.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Iran summons Belgian envoy over illegal ruling for diplomat. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Belgian Ambassador to Tehran on Tuesday in a protest to a Belgian court ruling against Iranian diplomat.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Find the Best Iranian Realtor in Sacramento. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — Buying and selling properties have been the right way for investment and can be beneficial.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Tehran, Baghdad set to follow up martyr Soleimani case. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — After holding a meeting and signing several MOUs and in a joint press conference, Iranian and Iraqi judiciary chiefs announced they have conferred on the assassination of martyr Lt. Ge. Qassem Soleimani.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Tehran, Moscow thinking of 20, 50 years coop. : Ghalibaf. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — Iranian Parliament Speaker said that the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation are thinking of a 20- and 50-year cooperation.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Iran Business and Technology Summit to be held in Armenia. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — Iran Business and Technology Summit will be held in Armenia with the participation of 40 Iranian knowledge-based companies aiming the development of Iranian products market.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Leader's remarks indication of Iran's decisive policy. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 08 (MNA) — Yesterday's statements of the Islamic Revolution Leader and the expression of the positions that we call decisive policy, are the continuation of his orders over the past few weeks.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Iran's authority, result of resistance of people against GA. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) —Iranian Minister of Defense said that today's authority of Islamic Republic of Iran is the result of resistance of people against the Global Arrogance, stating that seeking independence is the great ideal of the Iranian nation.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Ghalibaf, Patrushev confer on regional, intl. issues. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf and the secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev met and held talks on Tuesday in Moscow.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Leader's message signals long-term strategic Iran-Russia ties. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — Iran's Parliament Speaker said that the message of Leader of Islamic Revolution implies that the bilateral relations between Iran and Russia will be a strategic, deep and lasting one for several decades.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Iran COVID-19 update: 7,640 cases, 89 deaths in 24 hours. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — The Iranian Health Ministry has confirmed 7,640 COVID-19 infections and 89 deaths due to the disease in the past 24 hours.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). US must take practical steps to end war in Yemen: official. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — In an interview with Al Jazeera, an Iranian official said the United States must take practical steps to end the war in Yemen.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Iranian nation respond to sanctions with resistance. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Minister said that the Iranian people show resistance in the face of sanctions and pressure.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Nationwide COVID vaccination commenced in Iran. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — Iran started nationwide COVID-19 vaccination using the Sputnik V vaccine on Tuesday.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). IRGC to hold 'Great Prophet-15' drill in SW Iran. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — The commander of the IRGC ground forces announced the beginning of the Payambar-e Azam 15 (the Great Prophet-15) ground drill in the southwestern parts of the country by the end of this week.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Iran-Oman to expand trade ties. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — In an online meeting between the Head of TPOI and Omani deputy minister of commerce the two sides discussed the development of mutual trade, putting the issue on agenda.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). Leader of Islamic Revolution vows brilliant future for Iraq. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in a letter addressed to Iraqi youth promised them a rosy and brilliant future for Iraq.

_____ (2021-02-09). New NORAD Warfare Strategies and Canada's Role in the Great Game Revisited. strategic-culture.org The future battleground which Canada is being prepared to set up is to be found in the Arctic, Matthew Ehret writes. | As relations between the USA and Russia continue to fall ever deeper into the abyss, and as China's Belt and Road Initiative continues to evolve deep into the Eurasian Arctic via the Polar Silk Road, a new era of potential for cooperation as well as nuclear war awaits humanity. The decisions made over the coming months will determine which of those two opposing destinies are selected. | For the time being, things are looking bad. | On February 5, 2021 the Canadian press was lit abuzz with the hea…

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). British PM, German Chancellor hold talks on JCPOA. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — British Prime Minister and German Chancellor conferred on the Nuclear Deal in a phone talk on Tuesday.

Ralph Nader (2021-02-09). Democrats Disarm Themselves Before Trump's Senate Impeachment Trial. zcomm.org If the Democrats do not go full throttle in this trial — this last clear chance to exercise the Constitution against Tyrant Trump — they will be remembered as profiles of infamy…

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). FDI in industrial sector at over 89% growth in 10 months. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — Statistics of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade showed that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in mineral and industrial sector hit an 89% hike in the first 10 months of current year (from Mar. 21, 2020 to Jan. 19, 2021).

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-09). IRGC's mission is production of power: statement. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said its forces will not allow anyone to violate the independence, security and territorial integrity of the country.

teleSUR (2021-02-08). Iran, China and Russia Carry Out Joint Maneuver in Indian Ocean. telesurenglish.net "The next multilateral naval exercise will be held in the northern Indian Ocean in mid-February 2021," Russian Ambassador to Iran Levan Dzhagaryan confirmed in an interview with Russian news agency RIA Novosti on Monday. | The senior Russian diplomat has detailed that this trilateral exercise seeks to "work in cooperation in search and rescue operations and measures to ensure the safety of navigation." | RELATED: | T…

_____ (2021-02-08). Defensive Moves Or Preparation For War With Iran? popularresistance.org The US has decided to deploy the Israeli Iron Dome Missile Interceptor Systems, purchased in 2019, in Eastern European countries and also in the Gulf countries where the US Central Command (CENTCOM) operates and has established operational military bases. This step coincides with the US decision that Israeljoin CENTCOM (with Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrein, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Pakistan and more) following the normalisation of trade and diplomatic relations between several Arab and Islamic countries and Tel Aviv.

Peoples Dispatch (2021-02-08). Will return to obligations under nuclear deal after all Trump-era sanctions are lifted, says Iran. peoplesdispatch.org The Biden administration, however, has refused to lift sanctions first and has put pre-condition of Iran's full compliance to the Iran nuclear deal before it rejoins it…

oneworld.press (2021-02-08). The Climate Dictatorship & The Ecoauthoritarian World. oneworld.press The climate dictatorship or Great Reset is trying to hook the Western world to an imaginary world where everything is 'green', meaning no coal, no fossil fuels, and no nuclear power for energy, food control, which will leave the Western world with no industry, no jobs, and most of all, loss of property and income.

_____ (2021-02-08). Time To Negotiate For Peace In Space. popularresistance.org The U.S. mission to dominate and control the military use of space has been, historically and at present, a major obstacle to achieving nuclear disarmament and a peaceful path to preserve all life on earth. | Reagan rejected Gorbachev's offer to give up Star Wars as a condition for both countries to eliminate all their nuclear weapons when the wall came down and Gorbachev released all of Eastern Europe from Soviet occupation, miraculously, without a shot. | Bush and Obama blocked any discussion in 2008 and 2014 on Russian and Chinese proposals for a space weapons ban in the consensus-bound Committee for Disarmame…

yenisafak (2021-02-08). Iran's Zarif meets UN envoy for talks on Yemen conflict. yenisafak.com Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif met in Tehran on Monday with Martin Griffiths, the UN envoy to Yemen, according to local media.Talks between the two sides focused on the Yemeni civil war and regional developments, the official IRNA news agency reported.Griffiths arrived in the Iranian capital on Sunday for talks with officials there on a resolution of the seven-year Yemeni conflict."The visit is part of the Special Envoy's diplomatic efforts to support a negotiated political solution to the conflict in Yemen that meets the aspirations of the Yemeni people," a statement released by Griffiths' office said.On Sa…

MEE and agencies (2021-02-08). Yemen's Houthis renew offensive to capture government stronghold Marib. middleeasteye.net Yemen's Houthis renew offensive to capture government stronghold Marib | The push comes as UN special envoy to Yemen is in Iran to discuss the crisis in a sign of renewed diplomatic efforts with new US administration | Mon, 02/08/2021 – 16: 08 | A pro-government tribal fighter sits in a position where he fights against the Houthis in Marib, Yemen October 2 2020 (Reuters) | Houthi fighters…

MEE correspondent (2021-02-08). Iran: How a Marxist guerilla band sparked a struggle in Siakhal. middleeasteye.net Iran: How a Marxist guerilla band sparked a struggle in Siakhal | An unsuccessful attack in a small Iranian mountain town under the Shah continues to resonate half a century later | Mon, 02/08/2021 – 10: 59 | Fifty years later, the Siahkal incident remains a symbol of uncompromising resistance against dictatorship in Iran (MEE/Illustration by Mohamad Elaasar) | As the sun set behind the…

MEE correspondent (2021-02-08). Iran: How a Marxist guerilla band birthed a struggle in Siakhal. middleeasteye.net Iran: How a Marxist guerilla band birthed a struggle in Siakhal | An unsuccessful attack in a small Iranian mountain town under the Shah continues to resonate half a century later | Mon, 02/08/2021 – 10: 59 | Fifty years later, the Siahkal incident remains a symbol of uncompromising resistance against dictatorship in Iran (MEE/Illustration by Mohamad Elaasar) | As the sun set behind the…

Kenny Stancil, staff writer (2021-02-08). Iran Foreign Minister Tells Biden US 'Violated' Nuclear Deal, So It Is US 'That Has to Return'. commondreams.org "If the United States and its partners return to the deal," said the nation's top diplomat, "Iran will reverse its actions. All the actions we are taking are reversible." | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/headline/thumbs/javad_zarif_0.jpg

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-08). Western sanctions against Iran unacceptable. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 08 (MNA) — The Chairman of Russia's State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin named the western anti-Iranian sanctions as unacceptable.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-08). Iran made great progress in UAV, smart ammunition. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 08 (MNA) — The Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) said that Iran has made significant progress in the field of UAV technology and smart ammunition.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-08). Iran, Russia doing research activities on COVID-19 jointly. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — Islamic Republic of Iran and Russian Federation are doing research activities on the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, jointly.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-08). Iran to start COVID-19 vaccination tomorrow: Pres. Rouhani. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 08 (MNA) — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that COVID-19 vaccination will kick in the country on Tue. Feb. 09 and will continue quickly within framework of document approved by the National Coronavirus Combat and Prevention HQ.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-08). Iran's judiciary chief arrives in Baghdad for bilateral talks. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 08 (MNA) — Iranian Judiciary Chief Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi arrived in Iraqi capital Baghdad on Monday at the head of a high-ranking judicial delegation to discuss bilateral ties.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-08). Removal of all sanctions only way to prove goodwill. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 09 (MNA) — Iranian Ambassador to Paris Bahram Ghasemi said the only way for the new US administration to prove its goodwill to Iran is to lift all the sanctions.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-08). US military column enters Syria from illegal border crossing. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 08 (MNA) — News sources reported the arrival of a US military column from Iraq to Syria, stating that the military column entered Syria through an illegal border crossing.

Mehr News Agency (2021-02-08). Indoor rock climbing competitions in W. Azarbaijan. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Feb. 08 (MNA) — Indoor rock climbing competitions were held in Mahabad, West Azerbaijan Province.

Thomas Knapp (2021-02-07). Biden's Iran Dilemma: Serve Obama's Third Term — or Trump's Second? anti-empire.com Even before winning the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden began hedging his bets on US policy toward Iran. While correctly blaming Donald Trump for violating the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, aka the Iran nuclear deal, he tried to fob responsibility for restoring that deal off on the Iranians rather than accepting the job himself. | "If Iran returns to strict compliance with the nuclear deal," he

Gordon Duff (2021-02-07). Intel Drop: The Truth Behind Red Don and his Duck Dynasty Warlords. thealtworld.com VT, the Senior Editor in consultation with intelligence operatives | Let me tell you a story: | What if Russia was helping Israel fight that war against Iran, but fight it inside Syria? | What if Russia were feeding attack information, tactical intelligence on Iran and Syria and even Hezbollah to Israel and even the US? | What if Russia, now that Biden is in, stands to make billions arming Iran with planes and other military technology, to stand against an Israel fully supported by Russia…against Iran? | With up to 200,000 Duck Dynasty warriors armed to the teeth in America, many active duty military and servin…