2021-07-14: News Headlines

Zahra Mirzafarjouyan (2021-07-14). US waives sanctions on Iran's access to frozen assets. en.mehrnews.com The US State Department announced that it would waive sanctions on Iran's access to frozen assets in South Korea and Japan.

Staff (2021-07-14). Rouhani says Iran can enrich uranium to 90%, equivalent to weapons-grade. rt.com Iran's president has said his country has the capacity, if authorities there deem it necessary, to enrich uranium up to 90%, nearly 25 times greater than the level stipulated in the JCPOA 'Iran Nuclear Deal.' | Speaking on Wednesday while addressing a cabinet meeting, President Hassan Rouhani said the authorities were exploring the possibilities of their nuclear technology as they were no longer bound by the constraints of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) deal, known as the Iran nuclear deal. | "The AEOI (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran) can enrich uranium by 20% and 60% and, if one day o…

Daniel Larison (2021-07-14). Has Biden Botched Diplomacy with Iran? globalresearch.ca

Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J. S. Davies (2021-07-14). America's Afghan War Is Over, So What About Iraq — and Iran? counterpunch.org At Bagram air-base, Afghan scrap merchants are already picking through the graveyard of U.S. military equipment that was until recently the headquarters of America's 20-year occupation of their country. Afghan officials say the last U.S. forces slipped away from Bagram in the dead of night, without notice or coordination. The Taliban are rapidly expanding their

_____ (2021-07-14). America's Afghan War Is (Partially) Over, So What About Iraq — and Iran? popularresistance.org People of good will all over the world hope for a peaceful future for the people of Afghanistan, but the only legitimate role the United States can play there now is to pay reparations, in whatever form, for the damage it has done and the pain and deaths it has caused. Speculation in the U.S. political class and corporate media about how the U.S. can keep bombing and killing Afghans from "over the horizon" should cease. The U.S. and its corrupt puppet government lost this war. Now it's up to the Afghans to forge their future.

Zahra Mirzafarjouyan (2021-07-14). 'Vedas' to vie at Visioni Corte Intl. Short FilmFest. en.mehrnews.com Iranian short film 'Vedas' by Dariush Jafari, will take part in the 10th edition of the Visioni Corte International Short Film Festival in Italy.

Anonymous007 (2021-07-14). Four Suspected Iranian Agents Charged In Absentia For Alleged "Movie-Like" Kidnapping Plot Of U.S. Citizen. southfront.org Click to see full-size image | Four alleged Iranian intelligence agents were charged by US federal prosecutors for allegedly attempting to kidnap a journalist critical of the Tehran government. | The journalist is a U.S. citizen of Iranian origin. | The 43-page indictment

Anonymous669 (2021-07-14). Drone Strike Reported On Syrian-Iraqi Border Few Hours After Attack On Al-Omar Oil Fields. southfront.org Photo: U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson | Late on July 13, an unidentified combat drone targeted a military crossing on the Syrian-Iraqi border, according to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. | The crossing, which is located in the village of al-Harra in the southern countryside of Syria's Deir Ezzor, is allegedly run by Iranian-backed Iraqi forces. No losses were reportedly as a result of the drone strike. | If confirmed, this will not be the first such strike this year. On May 22,…

Rick Rozoff (2021-07-14). Biden-Putin meeting: no to nuclear war, yes to wars that can lead to nuclear war. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com [But they promised not to attack us! Treaty of Tilsit 1807. Molotov—Ribbentrop Pact 1939.] Moscow wanted to state inadmissibility of any war with US, Russian delegation says The Russian delegation hoped that "the United States does not intend to engage in a conflict with Russia using conventional weapons" Russia intended to declare [the] inadmissibility of …

Staff (2021-07-13). Biden ally denies links to group formerly on US terrorism list after she appears at their event to endorse Iran regime change. rt.com Michele Flournoy, an ex-Obama official and a close ally to President Biden, issued a mea culpa after addressing an event held by an Iranian group formerly on the US terrorism list, claiming she was "unaware" of its involvement. | Flournoy — who served as Barack Obama's undersecretary of defense for policy and now heads up a major consulting firm with close ties to the Biden administration —

Medea Benjamin (2021-07-13). The Afghan War Is Over, So What About Iraq and Iran? progressive.org It's time for President Biden to realize that the United States should stop invading and attacking other countries.

WSWS (2021-07-13). UK government refuses to reveal details of its support for the Saudi war machine. wsws.org The venal Saudi monarchy serves as a crucial custodian of Britain's geostrategic interests in the energy-rich region and a key partner in Washington and London's anti-Iranian axis.

Kevin Martin (2021-07-13). Peace on the Korean Peninsula Needs to Be a Priority. counterpunch.org President Joe Biden deserves credit for successfully re-engaging in international diplomacy. Extending the New START nuclear arms control agreement with Russia, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, World Health Organization and UN Human Rights Council, and especially (hopefully soon) getting the U.S. back into the Iran anti-nuclear deal are significant achievements. Policy experts, grassroots organizations and

Manlio Dinucci (2021-07-13). Accelera la corsa nucleare. globalresearch.ca Nella base di Redzikowo in Polonia sono iniziati i lavori per l'installazione del sistema Aegis Ashore, con una spesa di oltre 180 milioni di dollari. Sarà la seconda base missilistica Usa in Europa, dopo quella di Deveselu in Romania divenuta …

_____ (2021-07-13). The Filibuster Is Not Inviolable: Time to Trigger the Nuclear Option. commondreams.org AP's findings run counter to the president's campaign vow to end oil and gas extraction on public lands.

_____ (2021-07-13). Amid Extreme Heat, Humanitarian Group Reports Dozens of Migrant Deaths in Arizona Desert. commondreams.org If the filibuster can't be done away with or turned into a "Jimmy Stewart filibuster," then Congress has the obligation to Act on the "Nuclear Option."

Jacob Hornberger (2021-07-13). The Danger NATO Poses to Americans. counterpunch.org Imagine a massive nuclear exchange between the United States and China. That obviously would not be a pretty sight for the people of either nation. As the mushroom clouds arose over both nations, imagine thinking to yourself: "All this because of a socialist road." According to an article in the London Daily Mail, the governments

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