2021-06-05: Social Media Postees

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Government Forces Fight Back ISIS Attacks In Central Syria
Anonymous349 | southfront.org | 2021-06-05
ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE | Over the past 24 hours, the Syrian Army and its allies have engaged in a series of encounters with ISIS terrorists in the central part of Syria. | In particular, pro-ISIS sources claim that ISIS militants ambushed a vehicle of Iranian-backed fighters in the countryside of Palmyra killing 2 of them. | Separately, ISIS reportedly carried out a series of IED attacks on government forces near the towns of al-Samiyah and al-Sukhnah. Anti-government sources claim that at least two officers — a li…

Video Shows Moment Of Explosion At Tondguyan Refinery In Iran
Anonymous349 | southfront.org | 2021-06-05
A screenshot from the video | On June 2, a huge fire broke out at Tondguyan Refinery — an oil refinery in the southern part of the Iranian capital Tehran. | According to Iranian media, the incident led to the temporary suspension of operations at the facility, but there were no casualties. | The official version of Iranian authorities regarding the incident is that it was caused by "a leak at a liquid gas pipeline at the facility" that "sparked the fire". | Shaker Khafaii, head of the Tehran Oil Refining Co, w…

Netanyahu pledges to destroy Biden's Iran, Settlements Policies
Juan Cole | zcomm.org | 2021-06-05
Netanyahu is telling Israelis that Bennett's will be a "far left government," even though it has far right parties in it, including that of its head…

Peace Vigil Marks 40th Year At the White House
_____ | popularresistance.org | 2021-06-05
The Activists at the Peace Vigil cut cake and shared stories of their experiences at the nation's longest running vigil for peace near the White House on June 3. It was on this date in 1981 when William Thomas began his 24-hour vigil against nuclear weapons and the war machine 4 decades ago. His vision to keep watch on the North Portico with a round-the-clock presence at the White House and to pressure then President Ronald Reagan to decommission nuclear weapons and to work for world peace, has lasted through seven presidencies. Nobody expected it to last this long but it has endured against improbable odds.

Nasa's second nuclear vision
Karl Grossman | nationofchange.org | 2021-06-05
Is America's future in space nuclear?>…

Israel's Netanyahu pledges to destroy President Biden's Iran, Settlements Policies if he Can Survive
Juan Cole | juancole.com | 2021-06-04
Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) — Outgoing Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu lost his chance to form a government as the deadline ran out on Thursday, but he swung into action in an attempt to stop his rivals from forming one, either. A successful prime minister would have to be able pass a confidence vote in …

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