2021-03-28: News Headlines

John Laforge (2021-03-28). Accidental Apocalypse and Nuclear War on Drugs. counterpunch.org With existential national security threats from floods, droughts, wildfires, water pollution, sea-level rise, and peak oil,[1] the US Air Force, the Air National Guard and nuclear weapons manufacturers could do crucial defense work in the US heartland by building, installing, managing and expanding renewable (wind and solar) electric power systems — instead of polishing their

Juan Cole (2021-03-28). Biggest East Asian move into Mideast since the Mongol Empire: In Open Challenge to US, China inks 25-year, $400 bn Deal with Iran. juancole.com Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) — On Saturday, IRNA reports, Iran and China signed a 25-year cooperation agreement. The signatures were affixed in Tehran by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at a ceremony on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of modern diplomatic relations between Iran and China. …

Heba Nasser (2021-03-28). Iran and China Sign 25-year Cooperation Deal. globalresearch.ca Iran and China on Saturday signed a 25-year "strategic cooperation" agreement …

Kamal Iranidoost (2021-03-28). Iraq major destination for knowledge-based firms' exports. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Mar. 28 (MNA) — Rouhollah Estiri, the director-general of the international business development office, says that Iraq was the major destination for the products of Iranian knowledge-based companies.

Kamal Iranidoost (2021-03-28). Tehran Azadi Tower goes dark at Earth Hour. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Mar. 28 (MNA) — Along with many other landmark structures on earth, the iconic Azadi Tower went dark to mark the Earth Hour on Saturday evening.

_____ (2021-03-28). End US-UK Nuclear Collusion. popularresistance.org On March 16, the United Kingdom announced (in its Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Foreign Policy and Development titled Global Britain in a Competitive Age) that it will increase the limit on its nuclear arsenal for the first time in decades. Instead of maintaining a cap of 180 warheads (as it had previously stated), the UK will increase its stockpile cap to 260 warheads — a 40% increase. The review also broadens the role of nuclear weapons to include the possible use of nuclear weapons to address emerging technologies (cyber attacks).

Lawrence Wittner (2021-03-28). Opposition to Abolishing Nuclear Weapons—and What Could Help to Overcome It. zcomm.org Given the fact that nuclear war means the virtual annihilation of life on earth, it's remarkable that many people continue to resist building a nuclear weapons-free world. Is the human race suicidal? Before jumping to that conclusion, let's remember that considerably more people favor abolishing nuclear weapons than oppose it. Public opinion surveys—ranging from polls